Rules (Don't do these on chat ether) Edit

  1. No bullying.
  2. No spamming. Which includes, no comment spamming, and no emote spamming.
  3. No admin abuse. At least have a understandable reason to kick/ban someone, and make sure you're not lying when you explain your reason for kicking/banning someone.
  4. Swearing is allowed.
  5. No rude racist comments (Example: 'You're an ugly disgusting n***er'). However, racist jokes are allowed.
  6. No porn! Which means, no porn links, and no porn pictures!

How kicking and banning works on here Edit

Depending on how you break the rules, you'll get a ban almost immediately, or get banned immediately. Also, depending if you've already broken the rules, and know about the rules you're breaking, you may either not get a warning at all and just get a ban, or just only one warning. You'll have 3 strikes. If you lose all your strikes, you'll get a ban. However, like said before, it depends on how you either break the rules, or either how you've already broken them.

Usually, it can go out like this for the first time you'll get a ban: Edit

1st time, warning. 2nd time, kick (1st strike). 3rd time, another warning. 4th time, Kick (2nd strike). 5th time, final warning. 6th time, ban (3rd strike).

Other Rules Edit

  1. Don't edit other users userpage! Only edit your own userpage. You're only allowed to edit other people's userpages if you wanna fix some problems on there, such as grammar.
  2. Emote rule: Emoticons that are poor quality can't be added.