Name: Nutty
Gender: Male
Interest(s): Candy, Sweets, Soda,
Species: Squirrel
Color: Light Green
Relatives: Unknown
Episode Count: 44
Friends/Allies: Flaky, Sniffles, Lammy, Toothy, Flippy
Enemies/Rivals: Lifty and Shifty, Evil Flippy
Love Interest(s): ???
Kill Count: 50+
Deaths: 32 (28 from Regular Episodes)
(3 from Smoochies)
(1 from Irregular Episodes)
(1 from HTF Break short)
First Appearance: "Nuttin' Wrong with Candy"
First Victim: All main characters
(except for Buddhist Monkey,
Lammy & Mr. Pickels)
from "Class Act"
First Death: "Nuttin' Wrong with Candy"
Voice Actor/Actress: Michael "Lippy" Lipman (2000 - present)

Nutty is a main character in the Happy Tree Friend Series. As one of Spongebobfan123's favorite characters in Happy Tree Friends.

Nutty is a light green squirrel with one yellow diamond shaped marking on his head and a large curled-up tail that moves when he's excited. Nutty has an addiction for candy or anything that is sugary. He has a big swirly lollipop, candy cane, small all-day sucker, and a candy apple stuck to his fur, which he even treats as his wardrobe. It's apparent that his googly eye is an amblyopia, or lazy eye, as it's almost always looking down and drops down whenever he looks somewhere else. In some episodes, he makes it look like he's able to control it.

As a result of his huge sugar intake he is often hyperactive and jittery, and giggles more than he talks (sometimes he even giggles while he dies). Nutty will do whatever it takes to get the sweets he wants. If he doesn't get candy he becomes very irate. Nutty will eat other types of "food" occasionally.