The Mole
Name: Mole
Gender: Male
Interest(s): Reading, painting, spy mission
Species: Mole
Color: Purple/Magenta
Relatives: Unknown
Episode Count: 57
Friends/Allies: Lumpy
Enemies/Rivals: Splendid
The Rat
Love Interest(s): Giggles
Kill Count: 55
Deaths: 24 (22 from Regular Episodes)

(2 from Irregular Episodes)

First Appearance: Pitchin Impossible
First Victim: Petunia from Pitchin Impossible
First Death: Happy Trails pt. 1
Voice Actor/Actress: N/A N/A
Mole - is a main character in the Happy Tree Friend Series. As Dominik Player 13 most favourite character in Happy Tree Friends series.

Mole is purple blind mole, he wears a long purple turtleneck. Like Mime and Cro-Marmot he doesn't speak. This could be due to the upper part of his turtleneck covering his mount, thought more likely he is mute, seeing as he never makes a sound even throught his most excruciating injuries or death.

Thought he is not deaf, he does seem to have hearing problems, as seen in Party Animal. Bacause disaster often follows his blind wandering, his actions and characteristics resemble those of Mr. Magoo. Despite being compelety blind, he is often seen driving. He is also one of several characters without having known Pac-Man-shaped pupils (along with Lumpy, Nutty, Evil Flippy and Cro Marmot).

Mole's EpisodesEdit

Starring Roles:

1. Pitchin' Impossible

2. Spare Me

3. Out of Sight, Out of mime

4. Blind Date

5. Mole In the city

6. Don't Yank My Chain

7. See What Develops

8. A Sight For Sore Eyes

9. The Chokes on You

10. Spare tire