This is an article about Flippy himself not his evil side.
Name: Flippy
Gender: Male
Interest(s): Being Pure and Good
Helping others
Tea Parties
Species: Bear
Color: Light Green
Relatives: Unknown
Episode Count: 23
Friends/Allies: Sniffles, Giggles, Nutty, Lumpy, Handy
Enemies/Rivals: Tiger Soldiers, Flaky, Lifty and Shifty
Love Interest(s): ???
Kill Count: 5+ (but Evil Flippy has 65+)
Deaths: 7 (All from Regular Episodes)
First Appearance: "Hide and Seek"
First Victim: Flaky (as Good Flippy)
Toothy (as Evil Flippy)
from Happy Trails Part 2
from "Hide and Seek"
First Death: "Happy Trails Pt. 2:
Jumping the Shark
Voice Actor/Actress: Kenn Navarro (Good Flippy)
Aubrey Ankrum (Evil Flippy)
(2000 - ???)
(2006 - present)

Flippy is a green male bear. He wears dog tags around his neck and a green beret with checkered crest on his head. He is a retired veteran soldier in the Army. He fought in the Weaponized Animal Regiment (The W.A.R). It is unknown if Flippy has retired from the Army or if they are simply in a time of peace. Flippy rarely appears in the series, most likely due to his repetitive behavior in most of the episodes in which he appears.

He has a severe case of post traumatic stress disorder. Whenever he sees or hears something that reminds him of war (e.g., gunshot-like sounds or crackling campfires), he goes insane and kills everyone around him and sometimes himself, believing that he is still in war (it's likely that this is a split personality that he developed as a result of his experience in war judging from him basically becoming someone else in most of his appearances, not even being himself while flipped out and the few instances he resisted his evil side during Double Whammy and Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow). While flipped-out, several physical features about him change: his eyes turn a different color, usually green or yellow, his voice changes from high and cute to low and evil, and his teeth become sharp.

In most of the episodes where he appears, he is shown as a friendly individual before he goes insane, or as many people say, "flipping-out", hence his name. His normal self is very friendly. This is proven in several episodes where he is seen doing social activities with some of the other characters such as going to the movies and playing hide and seek.